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We love pets as much as you do

We understand that some of you treat your pets as fur-kids and want the best for them, while there are others who simply need pet services. Just let us know your requirements and let us get your pets to be zippy and happy.

Pet Services Singapore

Pet Services providence to our pets should be a priority as they are always giving us so much joy. They love us conditionally, they are a source of comfort and joy and they are just as important as our family members. However, these animals’ needs are very different from the human beings. Do these necessary services to your pets.

– Pet Food Delivery

We understand that we need to cater to their needs with as much love and ability to make them happier and be zippy at all times.
While there are some who advocate that pets should be fed with human food. It is not easy to prepare them. There are many quick solutions that can be found at the pet store. Dependent on the breed, age and type of pets, there are many requirements that need to be looked into. For instance, the food for puppy is very different from a senior dog. Some of the services we need to provide for our pets include:

– Pet Grooming

Some pets are very easy to groom because they have short hairs. Grooming a pet is not just for the looks; the aspects of grooming for good health should not be ignored. Nails have to be cut, ears have to be cleaned and bathed with appropriate solutions. For some breeds, there are certain standard looks that owners would want to adhere to, so that the breeds can be groomed to what is termed to be international standard. We have many professionals working with us.

– Pet Hotel

Finding a pet hotel or boarding can be quite a difficult chore when the owners need to be away especially on a vacation. The hotel should be of certain standard with services to cater to the pets’ comfort and well-being.

– Pet Transport

Pet Transport can be quite tricky in Singapore. It is not as easy as hailing for a taxi at the main roads as some taxi drivers do not want to transport pets. There is also a need to be sensitive to the Muslim drivers. Depending on the number of pets and the size of the pets, the charges for transport would differ accordingly.

– Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting is when an owner would prefer someone to look after the pet, rather than being left alone. This is especially critical when the pet is very young, senior or needs medical care. There are also pet sitting services in some pet spa salons when the pet can be pampered. Some prefer day care service.

– Pet Cremation

When it is the time to let go of our pets, we have to be prepared and it would be good to send it off as appropriately as possible. Some dogs live up to 10 to 15 years and the average life span of a cat is 15 years. It can be very difficult if the pet is very attached to the owner and some owners want to remember the wonderful memories that the pet has given to them.

– Dog training

Dog training is not just for dogs, the training is meant for owners. Trained dogs are very wonderful to own and treasure. There are many levels of training and it is very useful as this serve as a means of communication between the pet and the owner. Some methods are new to Singapore.

At Zippy Pet Services, we aim for your pet to be always happy and zippy. Whatever your needs are for pet services, please contact us (call or email) and we will source for the best solutions for you. We can cater to your service at home or at a specific store or location.


“I asked the concierge for help in getting a 14-day home stay pet sitting. They got me a package, which includes 2-way trip and a bath for my dog.. It was just what I needed and I am also thankful for a friend who recommended me to Zippy Pet Services.”

Johnny Tan

“I had an eight-day pet hotel stay for my Chow Chow. It was great and a relief to me. They provided a air condition individual dog-house with , 2 way transport and even a micro-bubble spa. My dog seem to be extra happy when I came back from my trip.”

Marilyn Guo

“Although Zippy Pet Services is quite new in the market but their network is really great. I had a grooming package for my Shih Tzu and they did a great job in the haircut including cutting of nails (which I hate), cleaning of ears and others. I was impressed by the dog groomer.”

Winston Kwok

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