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Pet Sitting Singapore

Pet sitting in Singapore is not as common as in overseas countries. Most of the owners expect their pets to be independent and/or have other members in the household to help look after their pets.

Pet sitters provide an alternative way to look after their pets while the owners are away from home or when the pets have health issues and the owners need to work or unable to return home because they are needed somewhere else. Most owners are very affectionate with their pets and they do not want to stress up the pets.


Benefits to your pet, which will:

– Be staying at home or in a safe and secured environment
– Be able to stay to his/her diet and routine
– Have a good play time
– Continue to receive love and personal attention
– Be able to continue medical treatment or care, when required
– Have someone to assist in case of emergency
– Eliminate the trauma of an unfamiliar environment
– Ensure of a good health with no exposure to other animals
– Be surrounded with familiar sights, smells and sounds

To the owner, the benefits are:

– Having to know that your pet is in loving and caring environment
– Have another person to assist in taking care of grooming or vet visits
– Not having to impose on family or friends
– Feeling secure for the pet and home

Choosing a Pet Sitter

It is very important to have a pet sitter whom you can trust, bearing in mind that he/she will have access to your home. Do ensure that the sitter is trained and is a professional in handling your pet. Come up with a set of questions to interview the sitter for better assurance and if possible, ask for references.

Usually pet sitters are hired for a one visit per day basis but there are some whom offer overnight stays.

Some of the common tasks expected from pet sitter include:

– Feeding the pets
– Changing their water bowls
– Provide exercise and play time
– Walk the pet (usually for a dog) and let the dogs do their natural businesses
– Cleaning litter boxes
– Cleaning up the mess done by the pets
– Administering medications for the pet when needed

Owner’s Situation

In the context of staying in Singapore, owners may have to put their career up high, work long hours and to travel frequently. Some would have to entertain their clients till late in the night and not able to reach home to look after their pets.

As part of assurance for the owners, some pet sitters would have your pets covered via insurance in case your pets are injured or caused damages to third parties.

As expected, different types of pet sitters would warrant different prices. At Zippy Pet Services, please inform us on your requirements and we will get you the most appropriate pet sitter on the dates that their services are needed.


I asked the concierge for help in getting a 14-day home stay pet sitting. They got me a package, which includes 2-way trip and a bath for my dog.. It was just what I needed and I am also thankful for a friend who recommended me to Zippy Pet Services. 
Johnny Tan

I had an eight-day pet hotel stay for my Chow Chow. It was great and a relief to me. They provided a air condition individual dog-house with , 2 way transport and even a micro-bubble spa. My dog seem to be extra happy when I came back from my trip. 
Marilyn Guo

Pet Services

Although Zippy Pet Services is quite new in the market but their network is really great. I had a grooming package for my Shih Tzu and they did a great job in the haircut including cutting of nails (which I hate), cleaning of ears and others. I was impressed by the dog groomer. 
Winston Kwok

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