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Getting pet food in Singapore can be very easy. They are available at pet shops, even at Cold Storage or NTUC Supermarkets. Most of the food available are dry and canned food. However, you got to ask how is the quality of pet food and do they provide enough nourishment for my pets?

Taking the quote from Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach that translates to
You are what you eat

Likewise, the way you feed your pets will be the way your pets will be. There are three main categories of pet food:

– Dry food
– Canned food
– Raw food

Dry Food

Dry food is very convenient for the owners, be it for storage or for feeding. For some pets, food can be left out for them to consume at their own pace but mostly, owners are thankful for the availability of dry food as it is just so convenient to fill up a bowl with dry food and it is enough to last for the entire day.

Dry food is very easy to store. You just need a large plastic bin with a tight lid. It is also more economically and time effective when feeding more than 1 pet. Some dry kibble can also be used as an effective training treat and as a dental health supplement.

The main issue with dry food is that they do not provide as much moisture and in hot climate in Singapore clean water must be available to the pets at all times.

Dry food is usually available in 1 to 3 kg, 5 kg or even up to 15 kg packs. Some have been adjusted so that they are more appropriate for small breeds, weight control and for senior pets respectively. Popular brands available in Singapore are Solidgold, Addiction, ANF, Eagle Pro, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Eukanuba and Pronature.

Wet Food

Wet food has many cons especially when there are health considerations. Wet food will be a good source of moisture if the pets are reluctant to drink enough water. For older pets that lost their olfactory senses, wet food will be more attractive as they usually have richer scent and flavor. Wet foods are also a good option for animals with missing teeth, poorly aligned jaws or small mouths.

Administrating wet food can be more difficult as some pets will make a mess when they are consuming the wet food. Wet food is more difficult to keep and has limited shelf life after it is opened. They need to be refrigerated and to be consumed quickly. In most case, wet food is not as economical as dry food and they have to be purchased in smaller amount at any one time. Sometimes, wet food is offered to pets as a treat for special occasions.

There is very limited range of wet food available in supermarkets in Singapore. There are a lot more choices in a pet store. Some of the brands available are Burp!, Fish for Cats, Whiskas, Gourmet, Cesar and Divine. Sizes of canned food ranges from 100 g to 700 g.

Raw Food

There are many controversies regarding feeding pets with raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables. There is a movement that promotes BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food). Some of the benefits being promoted are:

– Shinier coats
– Healthier skin
– Cleaning teeth
– Higher energy levels
– Smaller stools

Of late, there is an emergence of commercially processed raw food diets that are frozen and combined with blends of grains, vegetables and vitamins.

The choice of food is up to the owners. It is advised that owners watch the behavior of the their pets when they change their diet and when in doubt, it is best to consult a vet.

Zippy Pet Food Delivery

At Zipper Pet Services, we will help you to source for the type of pet food dependent on your request and will make the delivery to you at your doorstep.

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