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Enjoy Christmas Every Day At The Pet Shop

In Singapore, a license must be obtained from Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for a pet shop to display, sell, distribute or export pets. The types of animals allowed for sale will be reflected on the license.

Click here to access the application website called LicenceOne. There are several guidelines that the pet shop must adhere to to enhance animal welfare and maintain a professional standard for pet shops in Singapore. Operators must attend the compulsory structure training in pet welfare and animal management.

As such, buying a pet from registered pet shops is generally safe. All dogs must be licensed for the sake of traceability and tracking. At the same time, AVA aim to instill responsible pet ownership and discourage abandonment.

There are many so-called pet shops that do not sell animals but pet supplies, pet accessories, pet food, pet toys or provide services. There are online shops that sell pet items, however there may be some risks as you may not know whether the items are safe and have not expired.

Pet Shop Business in Singapore

Pet shops are spouting almost everywhere in Singapore. At one stage, they can only be found at malls and places near to landed properties and condominiums, but now they can be found in the heartlands, at HDB shops.

Reputation of pet shops (as in most service oriented businesses) is very important. As such, shop owners emphasis much on customer services and the situation is like ‘Christmas Every Day In A Pet Store’.

Puppies on sale are usually placed behind glass windows with an indication of the breed and the age of the puppies. Once the customer is keen to look further, the seller would take the puppy out, usually put it in a pan and allow the buyer to inspect and have a little bonding time.

Thereafter, the pet store seller would need to have a chat with the buyer to assess whether they are suitable to get a puppy. A pre-sale screening process including a form (Pet Purchase Declaration from AVA) would have to be filled in and sign off.

What you find in a Typical Pet Store

Pet store are usually segmented based on the types of common pets in Singapore for:

– Dog
– Cat
– Bird
– Fish
– Reptile
– Small Pet (catering to hamster, rabbit, chinchilla)

Some items that can be founded are:

– Pet Food
– Beds
– Bowls and Feeders
– Stain and Odor Control
– Clothes
– Leashers, Collars and Tags
– Crates and Kennels
– Flea and Tick Control
– Food (Dry food, canned food, vitamins)
– Gates and Doors
– Grooming Equipment
– Health Care Goods
– Toys and Chews
– Accessories (usually for travel)
– Treats
– Books on various pets or breeds
– Litter Boxes
– Carriers
– Scratchers
– Cages and Stands
– Perchers and Ladders
– Filtration and Circulations for clean water
– Lighting and Hoods for Fish Tanks
– Water conditioners
– Air Pumps for Aquariums
– Hay (for small animals)

Some items can be rather interesting to humans but may not be comfortable for the pets, such as fancy clothes for dogs. In Singapore, with AVA as the authority, it is safe to get items from the pet stores.

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