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Most Singaporeans spend a lot of time in their careers. Some had to travel for work and some want to take a break overseas. But absence poses a problem for all dog owners. Most are not close enough with their neighbors to ask to assist in dog care or do not have any support from family to look after their fur kids.

Just like busy people rely on professionals on domestic chores, they would have to rely on professionals to look after their dog.

Some bring their dog to the hotel, boarding centres or a dog sitter’s place. Getting the dog to stay at a dog sitter’s place would enable the dog to mix around with only the sitter’s dogs and yet get the home environment. Typically, the sitter would accept only two or a maximum of three dogs, if he/she does not have any pets, considering that there may be an overlap of sitting sessions.

There are some owners, whom prefer the sitter to come to their house to stay with their pets or spend some hours to take care of their dogs. In this way, the dogs would continue to be familiar with their home environment and routine.

Once you confirm your trip, you would need to “book” your dog sitter as soon as possible as they may not be available during festive periods such as Christmas or Chinese New Year period.

Information for Pet Sitter


If you are getting a new pet sitter, there is some crucial information that you would need your pet sitter to know:


1. Emergency list of contact


In the event of an emergency and you, as the pet owner, is not in the country, the pet sitter must be able to reach your closest friend or relative who could assist, the veterinary clinic which is familiar with your dog medical history, and your contact while you are overseas.

2. Medical History


Your pet sitter must be familiar with the medical history of your pet or at least, what need to be done to administer to assist your dog. For instance, if your eyes of your dog are always tearing, the sitter should know that the eyes needed to be cleaned with eye solution and the frequency of cleaning.

3. Mental Health


Is your dog easily anxious? Is your dog very afraid of thunder? The dog sitter need to be aware that when the dog start to get stress, the sitter would know what to do and perhaps, even comfort your dog. br>

4. Walking and exercise routine


In a typical day, if your dog is used to having walks twice a day, the sitter should follow the routine as close as possible. They should also know how to entertain your dog or exercise routine to ensure that your dog continues to be fit. Your dog may not appreciate the sitter’s idea of fun and routine which could be very different from yours.

5. Food


Your dog sitter needs to know how to feed your dog, such as the amount of food and when to feed. If your dog is allergic to any food, the dog sitter should know and be advised not to give to your dog. This set of information should be as detailed as possible. In the event that your stay is extended due to unforeseen circumstances, the sitter needs to know the brand and type of food to buy and feed your dog.


I asked the concierge for help in getting a 14-day home stay pet sitting. They got me a package, which includes 2-way trip and a bath for my dog.. It was just what I needed and I am also thankful for a friend who recommended me to Zippy Pet Services. 
Johnny Tan

I had an eight-day pet hotel stay for my Chow Chow. It was great and a relief to me. They provided a air condition individual dog-house with , 2 way transport and even a micro-bubble spa. My dog seem to be extra happy when I came back from my trip. 
Marilyn Guo

Pet Services

Although Zippy Pet Services is quite new in the market but their network is really great. I had a grooming package for my Shih Tzu and they did a great job in the haircut including cutting of nails (which I hate), cleaning of ears and others. I was impressed by the dog groomer. 
Winston Kwok

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