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Most if not all, the pet hotels in Singapore cater to dogs. There are many types, from luxurious versions to simple boarding facilities.

One of the most important factors for dog hotel is the location. There are not many places in Singapore, which can host a proper dog hotel and be away from residential estates. The location need to have big yards, open spaces and can contain lots of noise. There are a few dog hotels along Pasir Ris Farmway.

There are a few critical factors that dog hotel owners have to consider such as the zoning and change of use for commercial properties, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) regulations, sizes of dogs and the various equipment in ensuring that the dogs will be well look after. All dog hotel should be recognized by AVA as a pet boarding facility. Pet owners should be allowed to view and visit the hotel.

Types of Facilities

Aside from location, a dog hotel should have the correct facilities. There should be a mix of various cages, dog run area and generally large play areas where the dogs can interact and exercise. Some of the hotels have additional features such as splash pool or agility course.

Pet owners usually have choice between getting an air-conditioned kennel or one without air-conditioning. Choice is up to the pet owners. It is well recommended for dogs with thick furs to be boarded in air-conditioning environment.

High end boarding may offer hotel suites with human beds and live streaming webcams so that pet owners can view how their pets are enjoying their time at the dog hotel. One of the dog hotels in Singapore offer a living space of 96 sqft (9 sqm), with a balcony, queen size bed, beautiful chandelier with a variety of lighting mood control, a 32-inch LED television and a great selection of dog gourmet menu.

Some dog hotel also caters to cats, birds and small animals.

Staff at Dog Hotel

Staff at most dog hotel would have experience dealing with the dogs, including administering medication and providing general care. Some dog hotels have their own groomer or even dog trainer. There should be enough staff to provide a 24 hour supervision of the dogs.

Daycare Services

Dog hotels may also offer daycare services where the dog owners drop their dog in the morning and then pick them up in the evening. Typically, a kennel open at 7 am until 7 pm. As part of their service package, some dog hotels are also able to offer pet transport services.

Hotel Requirements – Vaccination

In general, dog hotel requires dog patrons to have a valid annual vaccination proof for:

Rabies – current in the last year for puppies and past 3 years for adults
DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and Parainfluenza) – current year for all dogs
Bordetella – current in the last year

Pet Requirement – Tick Free

Before admission of the dog, it should be flea and tick free. Hotel staff would conduct a quick check on the dog and may recommend a flea bath and treatment if the dog harbors some ticks or fleas at an additional cost.


I asked the concierge for help in getting a 14-day home stay pet sitting. They got me a package, which includes 2-way trip and a bath for my dog.. It was just what I needed and I am also thankful for a friend who recommended me to Zippy Pet Services. 
Johnny Tan

I had an eight-day pet hotel stay for my Chow Chow. It was great and a relief to me. They provided a air condition individual dog-house with , 2 way transport and even a micro-bubble spa. My dog seem to be extra happy when I came back from my trip. 
Marilyn Guo

Pet Services

Although Zippy Pet Services is quite new in the market but their network is really great. I had a grooming package for my Shih Tzu and they did a great job in the haircut including cutting of nails (which I hate), cleaning of ears and others. I was impressed by the dog groomer. 
Winston Kwok

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