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Have You Notice How Happy Is Your Dog?

Unless you got psychic power, it can be difficult to tell whether your dog is happy or not. On the other hand, the dog may be happy and you may miss the moments.

Here are some inside on the mind of the dog whether he/she is happy or not. You will have a happy dog if your dog:

1. Eyes Are Relaxed

Eyes are the windows to the world. For some dogs with small or beady eyes, you would need to be more observant than those with larger eyes. As a comparison, look at eyes when the dog is doing different activities. When the dog is relaxed and happy, their eyes are at their normal shape and you can sense it is lively.

2. Mouths Are Relaxed

When a dog is hot and tired, your dog would likely stick out his/her tongue and is panting. That is not a happy dog. When he/she is happy, his/her mouth would likely be closed or slighted opened.

3. Ears Are Held Up

Dependent on the breed of the dog, it can be quite easy to distinguish on this aspect. When the ears are down, it is likely not happy at that moment. The ears of a happy dog are held up naturally.

4. Tail Is Wagging

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but love can make him wag his tail” – Kinky Friedman. Most people would relate a happy dog with the wagging of its tail and it is such a joy to watch it. However, when the dog is unhappy, you would be seeing his tail tag in between his hind legs. When the dog is relaxed, he will hold his tail in a natural position.

5. Body Is Relaxed

When a dog is playing or bouncing, the muscles are quite tight but these are tight because of the strength of the play or bounce. When a dog is tense, his muscles will also be tight but you will sense that he is not happy. When a dog is relax and happy, the body will be relaxed.

6. Behavior Is Non-Destructive

It is usual for a bored dog to be destructive, especially when he is left alone. When he is content, he will unlikely chew on shoes, kitchen cabinet or legs of the chair or table. Get some good dog treats for your dogs to chew.

7. Has A Healthy Appetite

Most dogs are greedy but some are quite fussy eaters. Whether they are greedy or fussy, a happy dog is one that wants to eat. If the appetite of your dog is not good, your dog may not be feeling well (and need the vet’s attention) or could be suffering from loneliness.

8. Is Active

Depending on the age of the dog, if your dog is not as active as his/her usual self, please do a check on the dog. A happy dog is usually one that is rather active and would want to explore.

9. Is Healthy

Just like a human being, when a human is sick, he/she will likely suffer and feeling down. A happy dog is one that is healthy. If you sense that your dog is sick, not well or making noise that indicate he/she is in pain, please bring your dog to the vet for a medical examination.

10. Able to sleep well

Sleep is like getting the body system to be recharged and a happy dog is one that sleeps well. Some dogs even snore. If you dog is not relaxed to get a deep sleep, he/she may be having some health issue. Please consult a vet or a dog trainer to get your dog to have a good sleep.

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