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Miniature Schnauzer Story Singapore

How and Why I Chose A Miniature Schnauzer As My First Puppy

Why I Wanted A Pet?

I have always drawn to dogs since I was young. I remembered when I was in my teens; my brother brought a puppy home for a few days. I was so delighted and was practically playing with the puppy whenever possible. As an independent individual, I was staying on my own in my own flat. Everyday, I come back, it was to a home without life and I did not like that.

One fine day, I decided that I should consider getting a dog as a companion. I did not rush to the pet store to purchase one immediately as it was not my way of life. I ponder whether it is the right thing to do, as it would mean a huge commitment on my part. After decided to commit, I did much research on the breed that is suitable for my lifestyle. I asked around my friends and even went to the library to do my research (Internet was not prevalent during that time).

Why Miniature Schnauzer?

I wanted a breed that could live in apartment, able to be independent on its own and does not shed too much. There were several breeds that I considered and the most appealing breed is the miniature schnauzer. I like that it looks ‘manly’ with its distinguished beard, it is not large and is HDB approve. The fur could be maintained long and I was able to go for a jog with the dog easily.

A miniature schnauzer is like a one-stop solution in a breed. The breed is well known for its great personality, intelligence and affection. It adapts very well to apartment living, sensitive and it can be comfortable in sunny Singapore. It belongs to the range of breeds that shed little and it is very easy to train.

One main concern that I had was it is prone to skin and eye issues. I told myself that I needed to make sure the dog is clean and well taken care of. For the eye, I need to ensure that I clean the areas around the eyes regularly. There are some other health issues that are associated with miniature schnauzer but I could only be concern when and if my own dog encounters them.

An Opportunity Arose

After decided on the breed, I told some of my friends of my intention. It was within one week or two, when one of my friends told me that there were two puppies, that arrived from Australia and after a quarantine period, they are available for ‘viewing’ from Friday. My friend and I went down to the pet farm on the next morning. It was very exciting and surreal for me.

I was rather glad that the place was not crowded and I could see both puppies at the same time. That gave me a different issue, I can only get one dog and this will be the first dog that I have ever own, so which of the two puppies should I get?

My friend and I observed the puppies for about two hours. Both puppies look the same and I was attracted equally to both of them. In the end, I decided on the quieter one hoping that it is less tame and easily for me to look after.
I decided to name the puppy Dylan because I wanted a name starting with D (since my name start with D) and one that is not a very common name for a human guy in Singapore.

I am so fortunate to have Dylan in my life.

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