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Clicker Dog Training Singapore

How A Small Clicker Can Help You To Train Your Dog?

Clicker training in Singapore is getting popular. It is dog training using positive reinforcement. This is in fact based on the scientific methods of classical and operant conditioning. This method is working for all sizes of dog, whether they are bold or timid.

The clicker is just a device that makes a click sound at the push of the owner’s finger. The sound should be loud enough for the trainer and the dog to be trained and it is to be used consistently for effective training. The clicking sound provides a clear and precise signal between the dog and his/her owner. The owner is to click at the exact moment when the dog is doing what he/she is supposed to be trained in. A tasty treat should be followed after a click, especially for the start. This will motivate the dog to love the sound of the clicks. The theory of operant conditioning derived that the reinforced behaviors will become repeated behaviors easily.

For a start, the dog need to get the understanding that clicking followed by a treat is an activity that he/she would be delighted in.

When to Click

The click should be done as soon as the dog behaves in the correct way. The owner has roughly one-second window for an effective communication. If the click is delay or slow, the dog may be mistaken and end up doing the wrong behavior.

For instance, if an owner aim to train a dog to sit, the owner should click at the precise moment the bum of the dog hits the ground. If the dog stands up after the click, he/she may associate that standing up is desirable rather than sitting down. As such, timing is rather important.

Some tips provided by expert trainers are:

1. Always give a treat after a click

This is to be done at the precise moment. In the event that the owner clicks accidentally, it should be still followed by a treat. The idea is to get the dog to predict the coming of food reliably. If the sound of the click is not so reliable, then it will become less relevant for the dog.

2. Keep the treats irrelevant

The presence of treats should not be an open opportunity. The concept is not to get your dog to behave in a certain way when he/she knows the owner has a treat.

3. Do not use the clicker to get the dog’s attention

The clicker is to ‘inform’ the dog exactly which behavior is desired and could earn treats or praise. If the owner clicks to get the dog’s attention, then it will only get the dog’s attention.

4. Conduct training in small steps

Training has to be done patiently. For some tougher behavior, it should be broken down into a few tiny steps. The owner should ensure that the dog is performing reliably and confidently before the next step. The dog should trained one step at a time. Although this may seem tiresome, it will be more effective.

5. Always reward your dog for good behavior

Using treat may not be the only option to reward a dog, although it is the easiest way to reinforce. Praising the dog, telling the dog that he/she is good, petting the dog and using a happy tone to communicate are also rewarding. So continue with happy talk and never stop rewarding your dog.

Engage us in Dog Training. Let us know the type of training or behaviour you want your dog to cultivate, when you are available and let us get a good dog trainer for you.

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