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Advance Preparation for Your Puppy

How You Could Prepare for The Arrival of Your Puppy

In preparing for your puppy’s arrival, perhaps more important than anything else is to find out how the seller the puppy was maintained and nurtured. What brand of food was offered, when and how often was the puppy fed? Has the pup been housebroken; if so which method was employed?

Attempt to continue the person from whom you gotten your puppy; then, gradually, you can make those changes that suit you and your lifestyle started. It, for example, the puppy has been paper-trained, plan to stock up on newspaper. Please this newspaper toilet facility in a selected spot so that your puppy learns to sue the designated area as his “bathroom”.

Puppy Sleeping Quarter

Another consideration is sleeping and resting quarters. Be sure to supply a dog for your puppy and introduce him to his special cosy corner so that he knows where to retire when he feels like taking a snooze.

It will be good that a dog bed be waiting for him so that he has a place to sleep and rest. Puppy would need much sleep. If you have provided him with his own bed or basket, ensure that it is placed in a warm, dry, draft free spot that is private but at the same time near the centre of family activity. Refrain from placing bed near the feed and water dishes or his toilet area. You may want to give your puppy something which to snuggle, such as a laundered towel or blanket or an article of old clothing. Some dogs have know to chew apart their beds and bedding, buy you can easily channel this chewing energy into more constructive behavior simply by supply with some safe toys and chew toys.

Select a bed that is roomy, comfortable and easy to clean, keeping in mind that you may have to replace the smaller bed with a larger one as the puppy grows into adulthood. Remember to clean and disinfect the bed and sleeping area from time to time, as these can be parasitic playgrounds for fleas, lice and mites.

Puppy Needs

You’ll need to buy a collar (or harness) and leash, a safe chew item and a few grooming tools as well. A couple of sturdy feeding dishes, one for food and one for water will be needed; it will be necessary, beforehand, to set up a feeding station.

Basic Puppy Needs

– Canned and dry food schedule
– Feeding and water bowls
– Carrying/sleeping crate
– Bed
– Collar and leash
– Grooming supplies (brushes, shampoo, etc)
– Outdoor lead and/or pen
– First aid kit
– Flea collar and preparations
– Safe chew product
– Edible chew products (for treats/rewards)

Finding a Veterinarian

An important part of your preparations should include finding a local or convenient veterinarian who can provide quality health care in the form of routine check-ups, inoculations and prompt medical attention in case of illness or an emergency. Find out if the selected puppy has been vaccinated against canine diseases, and make certain you secure all health certificates at the time of purchase or adoption. This information will be valuable to your vet who will want to know the puppy’s complete medical history.

In Singapore, vaccinations are essential to protect your puppy from common contagious diseases, such as canine distemper and canine parvovirus in dogs. The vet would be able to administer a combination vaccine. The first vaccination would start when the puppy is 6 weeks old. Thereafter, yearly boosters are encouraged.

Incidentally, don’t wait until your puppy becomes sick before you seek the services of a vet; make an appointment for your pup before or soon after he takes up residence with you so that he starts out with a clean bill of health in his new home.

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