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Do you need to get your cat to be groomed when your cat can spend many hours of self-grooming?

It must be qualified that most cats do groom in one way or another. However, it should be noted that grooming of cats are learned when the cats are kittens and they would copy from their mother. If the mother cat is a lazy cat that does not bother much about grooming, chances are their kittens would be rather careless about their appearance.

A healthy cat would certainly appreciate if their owner could assist them in more effective grooming. Some cats require more grooming than others. Generally, the more fur a cat has or thicker fur, the more grooming he/she will need. When cats get old, they will groom themselves less meticulously.

The main grooming activities for a cat are:

1. Brushing

Hairballs are annoying for the cat and sometimes surgery is required to remove them. As such, frequent brushing is recommended. Shorthaired cats are to be brushed once weekly and every other day for those with long hair.

2. Removing matted hair

Matted hairs can restrict movement and can be painful to the cat. These should be removed as soon as they are discovered. Inevitably, mats will be there for long haired cats and removing them can be challenging. Clippers are usually used to shave away the matted hairs and if it get too difficult, it is safer and easier for the cat to engage a cat groomer.

3. Bathing

Cats in generally do not like water. Some cats do not need to take a bath frequently especially if they are grooming themselves well. Breeds such as Sphynx (which look hairless but they actually have fine hairs) would require weekly baths. If the cat is accustomed to bathing since it was a kitten, bathing would be easier

4. Nail Clipping

Some dogs get nervous when they heard the sound of the clipper. Some dogs pick the energy of the environment and the groomer. The environment should smell good and the groomer should not be disturbed with ringing phones or people shouting or aggressive dog barking. A dog groomer has to remain calm at all times when grooming the dog.

6. Understand the hair texture of the dog

Nail clipping is essential to domestic cats and it would be best to get the cat to be used to it when it is young. The nails are to be trimmed around once a month.

There are some know techniques to clip a nail. There is a pink triangular area at the claw and this must not be cut to avoid pain and bleeding. A cat is usually wrapped in a towel and one paw is exposed at one time. To avoid splitting of then nails, the nails should be clipped with a vertical cut instead of a diagonal cut. Most cats would only need to have their front claws trimmed.

5. Ear Cleaning

The ears of the cat should be checked twice a month for dirt or wax buildup. Some cats produce more wax than the others. Again, there is usually a need to restrain the cat to get access to the ear. There is only the need to groom on the parts that are visible. If there are more dirt, it is best to refer the cat to the vet.

Typically, a cat groomer services would include:

– De Matting (either by clipper or comb)
– Removal of dead hair
– Sanitary Trim
– Nail Clipping
– Thinning of thick coat, if required
– Bathing
– Cleaning of ears and eyes


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