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We are a group of pet lovers who are seeking for the best interests for your pets. Through our experience, it can be quite daunting to get the appropriate pet services in Singapore.

The term


means strikingly fresh, lively or appealing in style and a good name for any pet. That is our objective, to get your pets are fresh, lively and appealing, you would to need to get the right pet services for your pet, whether you are the owner or caretaker. We want to help you as much as we can for a happy and responsible pet ownership or caring.

We would be also be providing more online services in time to come so that pet owners can be well informed and how to get your pets zippy.

Pet Ownership in Singapore

In Singapore, some of the types of pets available for sale are:

– Dogs

–  Cats

– Rabbits

– Guinea pigs

– Hamsters

– Gerbils

– Chinchillas

– Red-eared sliders (red-eared terrapins)

– Certain types of Birds

– Certain types of Fish

– Malayan box turtles

AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) is the government body of Singapore in ensuring not only safe food but also responsible for healthy animals. They are responsible for ensuring pet shops selling pets are well managed and in educating the public in getting a pet.

Pet owners have to be assessed by the pet retailers in suitability of being a pet owner by a pre-sale screening process. The Pet Purchase Declaration form has to be completed by the owner and seller. Pet shops selling aquarium fishes, pet birds or animals have to apply for a license for pet shop via AVA. Click here to download the form.

Likewise for pet adoption, the adoption agencies would assess the foster or adopters whether they are suitable for the pet available for adoption.

We understand that pet ownership could be viewed as some kind of privilege in Singapore and as such, pet owners would want to ensure that their pets are well taken care of and some are very happy to treat them as part of their families.

Collaboration With Suppliers

At Zippy Pet Services, we collaborate with merchants that are registered in Singapore and effectively you are reaching a wide network of pet services providers. We believe in taking care of both of merchants and customers and ensuring a great relationship together.


Our mission is to get the most appropriate pet services catering to pet owners or caretaker. We aim to get your pets to be zippy.

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We encourage you to be specific in what you need for your pets when you communicate with us so that we can understand what types of pet services that you need to get your pets zippy.

To Every Pet Owner, Get Your Pets Zippy!

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